Flash Fridays: Gold

Apr 30, 2021 | Flash Fridays | 0 comments

This week’s Flash Friday entry is slightly different – instead of 350 words, it’s only 100. If I thought 350 words wasn’t a lot to work with, then 100 words is a whole different game.

But you know what, I love a writing challenge and it’s restrictions like this that really force you to think outside the box. In Roz Morris’ book ‘Nail Your Novel‘, she mentions about how putting rules in place can actually make you more creative, for example, if you host a dinner party but all the food has to be one colour, then you’ll have to put more thought into your menu rather than if you could just serve normal food.

So enjoy this week’s (rather short) story! Side note: I didn’t end up entering this one into the competition in the end, as I found out you had to pay to enter and I’m a cheapskate.


Theme: Gold
Word limit: 100

The trees pressed in around her, the air still.How much longer, Amelie wondered as she fought her way through the undergrowth. How much longer would she have to search?
The trees suddenly ended and she stumbled into a small glade. Luscious flowers and huge ferns sprouted all around her. A fine golden haze shimmered in the air. In the middle of the clearing, an ethereal woman sat on a throne of white and yellow flowers; she was humming to herself as she weaved what looked like a silver cloak out of thin air.
Amelie had found her at last.


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